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Short Biography

1968 Played guitar at end of school concert.
Bought an acoustic guitar and was gigging solo in folk clubs including The Boggery with Jasper Carrot, Billy Connolly, Mike Harding, Max Boyce.
I used to go out under the name of Dave Owen till Jasper took the mick  so much I decided to use my own name.
Did a midlands mini tour supporting Jasper mainly Civic Halls plus The Rep in Birmingham
Joined a Reggae band and loved it, but also got the sack from the reggae band.
Formed Crossfire - a rock band for a couple of years, got on the radio with a couple of songs, got runners up in a competition that Ian Gillan from Deep Purple was judging.
Went back to doing solo folk gigs.
Played in a variety of  Country Music bands - Saguaro, Marshall Peavey, Baretta, The Hat Band. Always loved country music.
Played the Birmingham Town Hall with The Hat Band and got a video to prove it.
Duo with Nigel Bullock from 1998 - 2010 folk/blues/country/bluegrass. Recorded 2 albums. Always good fun and very enjoyable.
Decided to go solo again and to do some writing and started teaching guitar.

Although I am currently (2015) writing and performing solo, I'm still very interested in joining a band with that groove/feel, please also drop me a line if you think I have what you might be looking for and you think I might fit in. Blues/Funk/Rock/Jazz fusion
I'm serious about the music side of things being the best they can be on stage, but love having a laugh too